May 13, 2011

Stars almost ready

Wow, the time just flies by.  I re-worked the elliptical galaxy algorithm to give them a better and more defined shape and have nearly finished implementing the Star class.  Next steps:

1) Create a visible elliptical galaxy full of stars.
2) Confirm that all star model values are within expected tolerances (i.e. my equations all give good numbers).
3) Create a visible spiral galaxy full of stars.
4) Create a bar spiral galaxy full of stars.
5) Create a uniform/irregular galaxy full of stars.
6) Enable multiple galaxies, with appropriate collision checking (will have to break out the math for this one...).
7) Implement some sort of depth culling so that stars farther away are not rendered but instead fall into a sort of galactic background.
8) Implement nebulae
9) Implement voids/clusters within galaxies
10) Develop planet/habitable object classes

I think that will keep me busy for a while!